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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
I hope so too... Looks like I'm gonna need to send a dental mirror in there and see if I can make sure it has all it's pin bearings... The only other way to do this is to replace the crank assembly or press off the crank pin and measure the journals then find a bearing with the same measurements... it's a lot easier to just replace the crank with one of the other ones, but I'll check that all the pins are in there and run it if they are since they really can't fall out unless there's one or 2 missing.

Anyway... let's hope for the best there...
I bet it will be OK Dave, the 9ne that failed on me back in 2010 had several pins missing, after the failure I could actually see that there was so much space between the pins that some would litterally turn at an angle between rod and journal, if I had of known that ahead of time I wouldn't have ever even run that engine and would have sent it back to BGF for a exchange but I was a noob to this hobbie and I just bolted that engine on and ran it, that lasted about 6-8 miles before it gave it up.

MZMiami is selling so.e of these loose pin bearing cranks, Ive thought about getting one just so I could true i5 up good and use it to buildanoth3r 40mm stroke engine, seems we have no good sources for the good 40mm stroke cranks like that came in the older GenIV dax engines, I sure wish someone was selling those, thats really what I want in all my engines, but I screwed up and didnt order several back when Duane still had them, 8 only had one of them and its in my Taffy bike engine.

Hoping you get the SR going soon, Im sure curious about how it turns out.
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