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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Your story sounds very similar to mine... but you know what tools will work if you got that kind of experience... my first engine was an old riding lawnmower that had a 4 Hp Briggs engine... I was 9 years old and my dad bought me my own toolbox because he got tired of me always taking his out of the truck to work that engine... lol... one time I took his toolbox out of his truck and forgot to put it back, he didn't check to see if it was there either and showed up to work without it. He went to go get it and thought somebody stole it. I thought so too until I went out to our tool shed and it was still in there next to that engine.... oops...
anyway I got that thing running when everyone thought it would never run again and after that I was everyones go mart and minibike mechanic while I was young.
I did the same thing when i got my first car and made it into a hot rod... as well as just about every car I've ever owned.
I spent most my career as an aircraft mechanic and also learned and begun doing structure and sheet metal work while inwas working at Boeing. I stayed there for 15 years before getting laid off last year and then I used my severance pay and 401k money to open up my own auto shop. I didn't see a profit for the first few months then about broke even back in February and started turning some good profit about mid February and early march. The shop is doing very well now but most everything I make goes back into the shop to get more and better tooling and equipment etc.
I'm also working it 6 days a week and sometimes going in on Sundays to keep up with all the work coming in. I had to hire a mechanic last month but I'm looking to hire another one real soon so we can keep up and just work 5 days a week.
I'm only 46 years old now and the only difference between when I was younger and now is the type of toys I got...
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