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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

That's pretty much the same thing I do by buying Dax lowers and building up my own top ends... yeah if you got a set of those carbide burrs you'll love the way they work and can reach into places not reachable before. I got onenof those angle heads for the dremel and didn't like it too much but I got angled die grinders that work great depending on the task at hand. One of my favorite grinders I got is that micro grinder from harbor freight, these are also known as pencil grinders and it lets me knife edge the top of the transfer port as well as reach all the way up the transfer tunnels. If you got at least a 30 gallon compressor I would highly recommend this one as well. And another tool that reaches those tricky spots with ease is the pneumatic file since you can use the included files in that kit or you can use jewelers files. Its not as air hungry as the pencil grinder so you can get away with a 15 to 20 gallon compressor with that one.

If you don't have a big compressor the dremel and the carbide burr set you got can still do very well. If you got or plan on getting a set of those diamond coated burrs they are really good at finishing or doing precise work where you need a lot ofncontrol instead of raw cutting speed, these work best lubed with a good cutting oil like tap magic or boelube, then use high rpm with a very light touch, these do well for finishing the transfer cleanup and other jobs where precision is needed.

You'll do quite well tho with the dremel and the carbides tho, the other tools I mentioned just make the job easier but the dremel, the angle attachment, and a good set of carbides is really all you should need.
I'll post pics of my latest port Job in the morning after I get to the shop... its tricky and time consuming trying to post pics from my kindle...
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