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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

yea I like the hub adapters I plan on using them on every build from now on there a lot better than that s&%ty rag washer crap you just bolt it on and your done no tighten this bolt a little more tap it here now tighten this one ect its terrible and ive seen a few with the spokes ripped out of the rim. im going to buy a bottom from Duane and build my top end I just got a new set od burr bits and cant wait to use my new dremel angle head I just bought so I don't scream and yell cause I cant get to that lip in the transfer boy is that ever annoying hoping to sell two more bikes soon so I can get that bottom thinking about selling a few done cylinders when I get them in I ordered 4 of them last week should be here by wed
hang on a second I think ill use my nox now
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