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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Same here.. I know anytime I buy a Dax engine its going to be good, and if by some chance I do get a lemon a replacement is only a phone call away. So far ive only had one issue with a bad mag coil but I keep spares here at home and at the shop so I'm not counting that against him nor did I bother to call him about it, just swapped it out andnit fired right up... I'm sure if I called him on it he would have replaced it no questions asked but since I always keep spares there was no need to. Anyway I wanted a bad one to experiment with rewinding so now I got one in my stash somewhere...

I did take a gamble recently on a super rat bottom end and now I just need the time to set it up. So far it looks great with the good hardware where it needs it, the crank looks good and so does the rod, piston, cdi setup, and clutch. I will put a jug on it this weekend and see how it runs on my silver bike while I'm doing more upgrades to the Dax engine it has in it now... I will give a full report on how well or how not so well this engine works, but from what ive seen so far the build quality is excellent.
this one uses the one piece crank with the ZL rod so I need to look up what length that rod is. It does use the low pin piston so I'm assuming the ZL rod is one of the shorter ones. There is also zero play in the wrist pin bearing and the big end bearing so this should turnnout to be a nice engine when I'm done with it. I've also ordered onenof those billet heads that looks like a rounded off Fred head so I'm going to put that one on the Dax engine and the Fred head on the super rat.

Today both my OCC stingray wheels came in and they're both in excellent condition, the rear wheel may need new bearings but I think I got spares at the shop if it does, I'm also planning to use the manic type hub adapter and the billet mounts from pedalchopper on this one for a really clean looking install and I may use a 3 speed hub as a jack shaft/ transmission but ill look into that more after my frame gets here... I'm also planning on using a c9 seat and a solid layback post and finishing it off with ape hanger bars to get the look I'm after.
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