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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

yea that's what everyone tells me and ive talked to him a few times he really seems to know a lot about these ive tried a few other guys and im not really happy but you live and learn .I have tried at least 9 different sellers and found that there are some really sleazy ppl out there and then you find one that just blows your mind. I found a guy selling the ign boxes and there cheaper than anyone else and they are the same exact thing then you find ppl that just take advantage and when you contact them they want to refund you when you know more than they do LOL im working on a box that attaches to the white wire and will change the 6volt to 12 volt so you can power your lights and even charge your phone/ laptop /car stereo ect im going to be selling them for 49.95 figured that ppl would like to take advantage of that free white wire and make something with it LOL
hang on a second I think ill use my nox now
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