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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
Finally got around to fabricating the exhaust for my wife's Huffy.
Her birthday gift .
( The bike not the exhaust....)
Was a great day. It was nice to get back to work on a gas bike.

I know , its got an odd routing path .
It needed to clear the stand but not interfere with the bags.

As the bike only has 11 miles on it at this point , I'm not sure what this design will do to the top end but it did help the bottom.....

And yes , we are one of those couples that wear matching sweat shirts ............

My bike:
Looks good to me, its all about function anyway to me, I do what I do to my bikes because thats what I want, I do care what others think to an extent, but ultimately what I want for my own reasons always trumps others

Your wifey should be proud, you fixed her up a feally nice looking bike there and I bet she will really enjoy it and I like the exhaust, should be fairly quiet and do just fine for a low keyed cruising machine.

My wife only has one shirt that is similar but not in color to anything I wear, I have a ouple Harley Davidson T Shirts and other depicting motorcycles and my wife has a Pink and Black Harley Davidson ladies shirt that she will wear sometimes, other than that I wear Camo and Pearl Snap weztern shirts most of the time and she wont wear!

She didnt grow up in the country like me, she grew up in Dayton Ohio so in many ways Im a litgle to rustic for her, she thought I would be a cool adventure when we met, but I think this ole Texas country boy has became more of a trial to her now than an adventure because she has tried to get me to wear a pink dress shirt and thjngs like that and she dound out real quick she'll have to bury me in one if she ever wants to see me in anything like!

I always think its cool when I see husband and wife dressed similar like you said about the sweatshirts, that always makes me think yall must have a very close relationship and a darn good understanding, not a thing wrong with that in my book.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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