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Default Re: The Flying Pigeon

Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
Well, finally found a supplier ( local ) that carries the 1 shot paint I need for the stripes.
It seems that no one paints stripes any more..... Go figure...
I did get started on the shifter.
I had this dilemma: I needed to find some material that wouldn't look to new for the bike. Due to the fact that I have decided to fallow MapBikes advice and not replate the bright parts. Sage advice...........
The dilemma is that I hate rust ( I have a phobia ) ha ha ha....
I have no , (shall we say ) aged material in my shop....
I ended up finding an old rusty piece of 1/8" plate in the bushes next to the city shops.
Here is what I came up with so far.....

Once polished letter'd and painted I think it will work...

( the fillips screw will be replaced with a stove bolt )

looks great boxcar..... this is a project to be very proud of, I like everything you've done to it, to me it all just has that very classic turn of the century look of great craftsmanship back before we had all the thowd together cheap crap we have to deal with nowadays.

Thank you for sharing the pix and in that small way involving the rest of us in this project.

You're doing a fine job on that bike.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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