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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Not much to the actual bike but my Super rat bottom end got here the other day so I've been deciding on which jug to install as well as how far I want to go with the porting etc... Got a fresh jug installed along with my dial indicator and degree wheel right now so I can check the port timing then it'll have to come off for any finishing touches. The mag cover on this one is noticeably bigger than a regular PK80 and it has a few smal vent holes at the bottom... which by their self seem to be quite useless since there's no other way air can get in or out from under this cover. My plan here is to put a 1/2" hole in the cover so the fan can pull cool air in and then block off the vents at the bottom in favor of making the vent slots just on the other side of the internal CDI, this should supply considerably more cooling air to the cdi unit.
The next mod I'd like to do would be to take the case halves off and match the transfer openings as well as replace the crank and clutch bearings with the good stuff, and I might as well do a quick balance job on the crank while I got it apart as well.
I'm not in a big hurry to get this engine up and going since the bike I'm installing it on won't be here until next week... and it's gonna need it's share of mods and paint etc. The bike I got for this engine is an OCC Stingray but it's going to need a little TLC as well as a set of ape hangers, a solid seat post and layback seat, and I'm thinking about wiring this one up with a headlight, tail light, and turn signals that can be run off a rechargable battery... A LOT more to come on this one and I'll post a project thread as soon as the bike gets here...

For the silver mountainbike, it's getting a new jug with considerably bigger ports, better port timing, a Mikuni VM18 carb, a KX65 pipe, and a few other goodies... I'm also toying with the idea of putting a reed valve on this one as well... This bike is already fast, but I want to make it even faster. my only real time to ride is in the mornings before I open up shop and I need it to be able to maintain 35 to 40mph in order to keep up with the traffic. It does this already but I would like just a bit more so I can get away from a tailgater or pass up a slower car if they're in my way etc...
I pulled the jug off this one the other day after it's had about 3 tanks of fuel thru it and everything looks immaculate, the bearings feel nice and free with no play, the head just had a little brown tint to the combustion chamber that wiped right off, and the piston looked just the way I left it as well except for a light coat of black on the piston crown and the spark plug had that light chocolate brown color on the insulator. Inside the cylinder it was mirror smooth and the rings looked perfect as well. I do plan on de glazing the cylinder and putting on new rings if I keep this one, but I got another new one coming in with the nice wide transfers so I'll most likely do some serious port work on the new one and use it along with a new set of rings.
I'll also be stripping this one down to the frame to weld in some more gussets in just the right places, then strip it down to bare metal for a real paint job.
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