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Default Re: Can I use a power generator engine for a bicycle motor

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I never like to see us squash innovative thinking or poo-poo on people's ideas when it comes to building something a little different from the norm. Nevertheless I do believe it's our responsibility to warn the uninformed of the potential dangers when we see them as such.

Obviously the OP is a youngster and I applaud his determination to build a bike and do it with what he has to work with. There are far too few of them today with the impetus to even attempt such a challenge. However, all of us with years of mechanical experience under our collective belts can readily see that what he is attempting to do probably won't work as he foresees it.

The most important factor here is safety. With a minimum of tools and a lack of fabrication and metal working skills, attaching a large engine to a bike, in-frame or friction drive sets the stage for potential injury. This is what we all want to avoid at any cost. Yes, we've probably all done things in our youth that could have, or did, cause us harm. Would we have listened if people had warned us? Probably not. Did you ever wish you had listened? I know I have a few times and have a couple of scars to prove it.

To our young member I suggest what others have and that is to try selling the engine he has and purchasing a 2 stroke kit to install. This will give him some experience and a feel for what is involved with things such as working with tools, fastener knowledge and some basic mechanical experience. Work up to a custom build from there. You'll look back on the project as a valued learning process that will pay dividends later

Good luck with whatever you decide to do and we'll be here to help you along if we can.


Very well said Tom....

I like the redneck enginuity myself, but we have a responsibility to point poee in as safe of a direction as possible if we can, we all understand that motorizing these bicycles whether cheap bikes or "high end" bikes is a risk since none of them were designed for doing anything more than just peddling them around, but some ideas are just not gonna work and would be really undafe to even attempt.

Im hoping the OP, gets him and fun cool motorized bike built up in the near future, but basically tying a 212cc 4 stroke on the front wheel of an aluminum frame wally world bike is a very bad idea, that aint hating on anyone or there bike, its just fact and I sure dont want to be a part of helping someone get hurt so Im gonna try to steer someone away from a project like that.

Yes, selm generator or just the engine, buy a $120 ebay kit and get your feet wet with the project is my best advice for him also.
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