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Default Re: Can I use a power generator engine for a bicycle motor

Originally Posted by Motor awesomeness View Post
I think ill be fine at that speed (40+) cause the bike has a aluminum frame and i got it from walmart for 140 bucks.

And plus, this is the engine i only got, no other engine.
I only got 100 bucks and a friction drive is cheapest as i already have some of the pieces needed.
The bike also has suspension so the ride will be comfy.
You design is coming along.

No clutch...
That will sure make starting and stopping it interesting.

I suggest you get a big front basket or some rope and attach that engine to the front of your bike over the front tire, then go pedal it around some.

Curbs, speed bumps, everything you would likely encounter at much greater speed if the engine were actually mounted.

The bottom line is there simply are no viable shortcuts when playing with huge amounts of spinning torque, center of gravity and mounting.

Those front wheel racers have motorcycle steel frames, heavy duty forks and cast iron hubs.
Your $140 aluminum Walley World toy bike does not.
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