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Default Re: Do I get back in the game...?

I've still got my two builds and another of spare bike and motor about ready and plan to sell it-

but if I were to start again from scratch- and not so much try to find the perfect combination for me- which I'm too old now for anyway-

I'd probably go with the aluminum motor bike frame with the built in mounts and built in tank- tho the tank is larger than I want- and I also like to have alloy cranks- so I'm irritated it has the old style large one piece Bottom Bracket- I'd have to convert-

and though I like larger 700 c wheels- I'm not sure they fit -

so I'd at least have an alloy 26 rim on the back with a 1.5 wide tire, and with a 34 or 32 sprocket

with a 66 China Girl- if I was young and wanted range- I don't mind riding a 50cc otherwise, and pedaling and coasting a lot

I'd probably have no other special mod than maybe a billet intake or a racing style carb- but I think the Speed carbs work well for the larger motor they were designed for

anywy- assuming I could get some wheels used, between the frame and the kit then- not a while lot of expense-
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