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Default Re: I'm finally gonna do it

Originally Posted by thxcuz View Post
Well, I pulled the trigger on an eBay kit.
I like to tinker.
You know....reading this thread again I'm having second thoughts on buying from ebay vendors.

I've bought a few engines from thatsdax. He's a good guy. And, importantly, his prices were not all that much higher than an ebay vendor.

I think I'm gonna institute a new policy of my own, too. I'm not going to mention by name a vendor who doesn't advertise here. Helping to keep this forum away from red ink is another reason that a guy like Duane deserves my future business. There might be special circumstances that justify naming someone. But in general, no.

It's too bad, in a way. I've found another vendor who's quite a stand-up guy. And now I can't name him. He's good enough that he'll get some of my business. But I'll make sure that an mbc sponsor also gets some.
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