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Default Re: I'm confused!

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
Yes, please do the research yourself on the DMV site then you won't be confused by trolling guys from Oregon who know nothing about CA motorized bicycle laws and quote them without explanation and out of context.....
You know.....our pal 'boxcar' is fairly new around here. But I've seen a bunch of posts from him that were knowledeable, good natured and helpful. He has already well demonstrated that he is definitely not a 'know-nothing' or a troll.

His merely living in the next state over does not mean that he is disqualified from knowing and understanding California's laws on the matter.

He offered some interpretations in the 'gray area' of the law that seemed to make some sense. Others are perfectly free to offer conflicting interpretations. This is good stuff. The rest of us will weigh each counter-argument in our own minds and, hopefully, decide which interpretation makes the better sense to us.

But dismissive comments like, "Don't listen to a troll from Oregon" (Not a perfect quote, I know. But close enough) are unhelpful.

Boxcar deserves better.
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