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Default Re: Can I use a power generator engine for a bicycle motor

Yes Trey, I am aware but I don't have a ton of money and I can probably build it for less than 50 bucks as I have the engine, the homemade mount will probs be 20-30 bucks maybe less, the drive shaft will probs be 10 bucks or less as I plan to use a pretty good size shaft (about 2 inches for a 13 to 1 ratio) secured by a grade 8 bolt going through the crank and the shaft. Note that I will use the brake handle for the throttle which will be hooked up directly to the carb throttle plate so I'm goin ungoverned and the approx. top speed according to a calculator will be 20 MPH at 3500 rpm, about 30 MPH at 5000 rpm, and 35 MPH at 6000 rpm which is probably the highest I can get out of a u governed engine with the stock carb. Add in stuff like a bigger exhaust ( I might be able to custom make it), a bit of nitromethane mixed in the gas, bigger carb (I'm not sure the cc's), water injection, etc. will make that top speed go up past 40 MPH and nearing the 50 MPH barrier.
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