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Originally Posted by J0sh View Post
Hows this look? 49cc huasheng 142f 4-stroke direct drive 4g kit
Only problem is its 2.5 and not 2 hp.
Print out and read the Motorized Bicycle license plate application.

The info in the CHP pdf has not been updated.

The 2 HP law was upgraded to 4 HP on Jan 2015.
Also they are lying about the 2.5 HP. They make about 2.

Your link is the best 4 stroke kit from

This code is about the 406 (a) motorized bicycle license plate which comes with an ID card because it is a one time $21 and not yearly registration like a motorcycle.

Registration Card (4454, 4462 4020, 5030 VC). The
registration card or facsimile thereof shall be kept with the
vehicle for which issued and shall be presented for examination
upon demand of any peace officer.

A motorized bicycle is exempt from registration, but is required to display a special
license plate.

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