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Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
Auto transmition means centrifugal clutch as does auto shift cvt etc.... In all 50 states.
Sorry to get your panties in a bunch. Didn't mean to.
No where in the California statute does it say that IF YOUR BICYCLE IS NOT A MOPED THEN IT'S A MOTORCYCLE........No where.... As has been litigated in California courts.....
Exactly right, of course you can't register a motorized bike as a DOT regulated motorcycle.
So if you can't check the 4 boxes with a yes on the motorized bicycle plate application,
the only other choice is to reg as a motorcycle.

But that is your only 2 choices.
If you can't do either then you are just illegal on the road like a pit bike or mini bike or any other home made contraption with a motor.

Don't wear panties cause I go commando. I only wear panties on special occasions.......

The manual clutch single speed China girl is technically illegal in CA but nobody cares because they are only a single speed and there is no mention of manual or centrifugal clutching.
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