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Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
Josh, you should be fine with a 49 HS 142 4-stroke direct drive 4G in CA.
It'll get you around if you help pedal up hills or gear low.

You loose some top speed, but gear as low as you can for your comfortable top speed and all the rest of the engines power is in torque to climb hills.

Laws where I live are pretty lax, but no kid that that can't a pass written driving test for the 'rules of the road' has no business riding anything motorized with traffic anyway.

All you hurt is yourself, but trust me, until you have some real road experience in real traffic you don't want play with it.

Every hard hit you take will come back to haunt you when you get older, it's not fun.
Thanks KC! Was the kit i showed you from bikeberry good or should i go for a better more high quality one? I'm fine with not being able to go faster than 20-25 as long as i can get up hills, even if it takes some pedaling too. I've heard that bikeberry uses bad, cheap parts, was going to look at gasbike for kits. Any recommendations?
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