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Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
Read your own link:
If sed BICYCLE has no centrifugal clutch then it is not - repeat NOT considered a motorized vehicle in the state of California.....As the thing remains a Bicycle by statute it then needs no plate......
I'm sure that California will some day get around to clarifying this obvious screw up but until then it's still a bicycle.....

Your second link is conjecture and e-legal as a police officer can not give any legal advice..... It's a huge no no....


Link does not have the words "centrifugal clutch" anywhere.
Can you read? It says "auto transmission"

Auto transmission means you can't manually change gears.
what kind of clutch is not specified anywhere.
A centrifugal clutch or manual clutch on our motors do not change gears
as in "auto transmission"
You can use an auto 2 speed or variable CVT like mopeds.

below where the 4 check boxes are: It says if you don't check
all then you are not a motorized bike so you have to register as
a Motorcycle.

If you are not a motorized bike or a motorcycle then you are just
illegal like a pit bike or mini bike.

A bicycle with a motor on it is not just a bicycle in CA.

I can quote all the links that are not conjecture but I can't be bothered
to do it again for the umpteenth time.

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