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Default Re: newbie with engine questions 1st post

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Wow rose, you sure did your research!

I'd stay away from the needle bearing engines. As far as i know, most are bushed, unless otherwise advertised....when I bought my bearing engine, I was lead to believe it was superior, but that doesn't seem to be the truth.

Also, if you know where to get a steel lined cylinder for the China built two stroke, let me know.

so far most china engines I have seen for sale are needle bearing engines I will do some more searching.

as for steel sleeve here is a website link hopefully will slip through since I am new, try the World Wide Web dot usabikemotors dot com the steel sleeve are for the 50cc & they offer top end kits as well.

as for the link fairracing31 showed I had already read that but still had questions. about the 203 versus 202 bearings? on that web site it mentions about bigger 203 bearings but doesnt give any decent information.

on something that small it might be better to have a smaller bearing to hold the load with more surface area in contact with?

I am just hoping for some more insight with what other people have experienced and what would be my best bet reliability wise.

Thank you,
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