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Default Re: I'm confused!

Originally Posted by J0sh View Post
So then it doesn't matter what age i am if i have a centrifugal clutch? I just turned 15 but have been riding motorbikes, etc. for my whole life
CA motorized bicycle law quite clearly says you need:
M2 or M1 license.
$21 one time fee license plate.
DOT helmet.
Left side mirror, horn, lights.

There is no grey area about centrifugal clutches.
If your bike doesn't comply with CVC 406 (a) then
it is just illegal like a pit bike on mini bike on the street.

The Only thing these guys in your San Diego area have
is that the local cops do not enforce these laws or maybe
even know or care what they are.

You will only need all the stuff above if you get stopped by
a cop that knows the laws and wants to give you a ticket
or impound your bike.

Guys with no drivers licenses can always only find some wacko
loophole law while ignoring all the obvious laws that say what
they don't want to hear.

PS: What do your parents say about you riding a motorized bicycle on the street at 15?
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