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When peddling I agree wholeheartedly , and to some degree when building gas bikes.
I run Mavics on my gas bikes.
I'm pretty sure your not going to see many straight and true alloy rims that are 70 or 80 years old in the future though.
If I could find a set of prewar stainless Dunlops in 26" I'd run them in a second .
I have a set of 28" Dun's that are approaching the 100 year mark , still as true and stable as the day they were first laced up.....
I tend to lean more towards the down hill theory when building gas bikes.
Light weight is the main goal but not at the cost of strength...
My smoothest running gas bike is a whopping 60 lbs. It's a pig .
It was designed to haul my camp trailer over the road on long hauls through Oregon.
It needs to be robust enough to do the job it was designed to do..... In this case haul some heavy loads for extended trips over steep terrain.

Happy Trails......

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