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Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
A direct drive 49cc 4-stroke is not going to get over hills unless you gear it so low that ~20 mph would be your top speed on flat ground.
Like a 50T rear sprocket.

Middle of the road 'junk' transfer case, but the HS 142F is a top notch engine.

It's an HS 142F-engine the long shaft no clutch version.
That present problems for putting a transfer case on it.

The 5G un-adjustable dual chain transfer case is a mess.
It works dandy (though noisy) for say a few hundred miles and the chains and sprockets wear in.

After that no way to adjust it and 2 thin chains are not friendly to replace.

It is another cheap engine shaft mount clutch bell & sprocket system like the stage III or7G, so not ideal.

An original 4G or new 10G KCK will suite you better.
The clutch bell and sprocket are on a seprate bearing suppoted shaft and driven with a T-belt you can adjust.

I also think you are really better off with gearing.

You'll still bog up hills ~18 in first but you won't have to pedal, and on flat ground you can cruise at ~30+.

Not cheap, but if you want simple and reliable to get you around that's the ticket.
Also, the hill isnt risiculously steep, just really really long. heres pictures from google earth lol.
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