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Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
A direct drive 49cc 4-stroke is not going to get over hills unless you gear it so low that ~20 mph would be your top speed on flat ground.
Like a 50T rear sprocket.

Not a bad kit for the money...

It's an HS 142F-engine the long shaft no clutch version.

The 5G un-adjustable dual chain transfer case is a mess.
It works dandy (though noisy) for say a few hundred miles and the chains and sprockets wear in.

After that no way to adjust it and 2 thin chains are not friendly to replace.

It is another cheap engine shaft mount clutch bell & sprocket system like the stage III or7G, so not ideal.

An original 4G or new 10G KCK will suite you better.
The clutch bell and sprocket on a seprate bearing suppoted shaft and driven with a T-belt you can sjust.
I also think you are really better off with gearing.

You'll still bog up hills ~18 in first but you won't have to pedal, and on flat ground you can cruise at ~30+.

Not cheap, but if you want simple and reliable to get you around that's the ticket.
Would a 2 stroke do better going up hills? Ive just heard that 4 strokes are more reliable than 2 strokes and I don't know so much about motors. I just need something that can get up hills thats under $250 (kit itself not the bike included)
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