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Default Re: 4 or 2 stroke?

Hey J0sh,

I recently got my motorcycle permit, yet have not gone back to get my M1/M2 license. Unsure if I can use my motorized bicycle for the driving test as it doesn't really meet all the requirements that the DMV lists for a testing vehicle (not capable of highway riding, no insurance, etc.), but still looking into it.

I have however, gotten a license plate. Was very easy, just filled out the form and sent it to the DMV with a $20 check (looks like the new price is $21, but they don't seem to be requesting the missing $1). Came about a week after I sent out the paperwork, currently have it zip tied to the chaingaurd. Hoping to bolt it to the back of my seat after making some adjustments.


*Edit* Just saw that you also asked if you needed a license / license plate. According to CA DMV law, yes you do. However, I have seen and talked with people who don't bother with either. It's a slight hassle going through these processes, but it's much cheaper that getting a ticket and/or getting your bike impounded if an officer who knows the DMV law stops you. Better safe than sorry!

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