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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I get the same thing over here... everyone wants to buy my bike instead of me build them one, or they want my parts like the pipe I made or the Fred head etc...

For the cylinders tho, I do have a few sources for the better flat transfer jugs with much bigger ports... this just saves me a lot of time when porting. I got a few good sets of carbide burrs both for the dremel and for a regular size die grinder as well as sanding rolls for finishing and a few other toys to speed things up while staying accurate. I got one set of 10 carbide burrs off ebay for around $20 that can cut fast and another set that are 3" long for getting up into the transfer tunnels, these are all 1/8" diameter but different shaped and double ended so that 10 piece kit is the same as a 20 piece kit. These are also fine cutting so they're not really fast but they can get into just about any spot and can cut very accurately. I got this set off ebay as well... I can post the links if interested. Some other tools I got for porting are the harbor freight mini grinders these spin at 54000 rpm and need a good size compressor to use continuously, but a lot easier to handle in tight spots than the dremels. Then I got a pneumatic file that can cut nice flat areas quickly or I can use needle files in it when even more precision is needed.
by far the most useful tools I got are the carbide burr sets, they're quick, accurate, and can do just about any cutting task without the help.of the other tools.
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