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Default Re: New to the forum.

Originally Posted by Popdog View Post
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome to the forum. I have been reading a lot of the posts and I determined that the Dax F50 will be a good match for me. I can't wait to begin my build.
first of all welcome to the forum from a fellow Texan...

I have two Moon Dog bikes, both are the Orange ones that are a little longer frame than the standard cruiser, one of t is motorized and I consider it my best current complete bike.

My recommendation is go with the F80 daax kit, more power, more cruise speed and much more parts out there for modifying the engine for added performance like higher xompression heads that can add performance and will allow yhe engine to run a bit cooler in the Texas summer heat us peoples here do much of our riding in.

Best wishes with whatever you do and post as many pix as possible in the cruiser build section as you get it started and until complete, we love to see others people projects.
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