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Default Re: 2 cycle oil engine teardown wear tests

I'm still using Opti2 at 100:1 but I've used other 2 cycle oils including regular 10w30 in my bike engines in the past to break them in. I currently just mix the 100:1 Opti2 and go as the rings seat just fine with it and I've seen no other issues.
My other favorite is Amsoil Dominator at 50:1 but I got mine jetted for the 100:1 and recently bought a quart of the Opti so it'll be a while before I switch to anything else.

when I get an engine that's ready for teardown I will post pictures, good, bad, or ugly, but again, that may be a while before I wear anything out enough to warrant a teardown. My last teardown was when I was experimenting with a single ring and lost compression rather quickly, but the bore looked perfect so I re used it. What it came down to on that build was that these ring gaps are just too wide to run a single ring, now if I find a piston that's compatible with a single ring or dykes (L) ring I'll put that in and test again. I'll also be using the Amsoil Dominator or Opti2 right from the get go again as well.
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