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Default Re: 2 cycle oil engine teardown wear tests

I'm currently using 40w non-detergent @ 25:1 in one of my engines, very low smoke plug chop with carb jetted to give a light-medium plug color, just under 30 miles so far and engine is running really good, deosn't seem to be running any hotter than before, I'm even using a stock upper wrist pin bearing in this engine, nothing upgraded internally with this engine, I does have the pancake/disc shaped head on it that some claim makes the engine run hotter than even a stock head, jug has some simple port work to clean up cats flashing and the cylinder deck was shaved down a few .001" to get compression up a bit since the engine I'm doing this with is what we call a Half Breed and needs at least .050+ shaved off deck or compression will be very low since piston sits .062" down in hole at TDC.

As to the testing you're proposing, there are so many variables involved and probably many of the oild you listed are identical just different packaging, if you have the time and money to invest in that experiment you should have fun with it, but coming to the table with solid evidence about which ones are better than the other may be a bit hard to get done truthfully.

Several of us here are big fans of Opti2 and think it's honestly about the best bang for the buck with whatever ratio someone wants to run it at.

Best wishes with the experiment and my advice is be careful how you post your results, oil topics on here can start a flaming thread quickly......LOL!!!
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