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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Good job on that seat post map... When I did mine up last summer I did it pretty much the same way but used a miter chop saw to cut the post at a 45 and welded it back together with the TIg welder, but I could feel it flexing when I was riding so I took it back off, stripped off the paint and welded in a brace that runs from the seat mount to about an inch down the post which made it feel a lot more rigid. I just made my brace out of 1" angle iron and so far it's held up to any abuse I've thrown it's way.
Thanks Dave, yeah I may need to brace this one also, I cant notice any flex when I sit on it but I may cut out two small triangular shapes and weld them on each side of the bend.

I used my 4 1/2" grinder with a 1/16" Dewalt cut-off disc and just cut through enough so that I could bend short section over until I had the angle I wanted and the I sewed it all up real good with the hanged rod, mine was cut completely in two so Im thinking by doing it the way I did it has retained a good bit of it strength, I really dont think it will ever fail on me, I may add the braces just for insurance

The bsouth end of the north bound mule dropping down on the rear tire at 40mph would be an ugly event that will bring an entirely new definition to a "skid mark"!
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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