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Originally Posted by 2stroker View Post
How often does a person stop and wanna ask you about your kit. Every time i ride it seems like someone wants me to stop and ask me what im riding and how i built it. I always tel its a bumblebeebolton and i didnt build it i bought it.
Then they say where and how people are totally amazed that i go as fast as i do with a little wheel turning the bike tire..I have people stop and offer me ride in there truck..I tell em "I own a tahoe and a ford pickup truck. Im not riding this because i have to im riding it because motorized bikes are a blast! and it only cost a couple pennies to go a mile!" Alot of people have no idea about motorized bikes..It's like were do you think motorcycles came from!
I used to get asked once a month here. Usually at the gas station. I haven't rode in 2 years and people are still asking about it.
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