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Default Re: looking for a shop or web business that sells parts

Originally Posted by donphantasmo View Post
Hey Edward

If you follow this forum, you'll see a plethora of vendors. Look at both sides of this website, and you will see about 15 vendors.

I will tell you, I went to and I had a great experience with these guys.

Either way, you can look and see what you need, and some great ideas for things you probably never thought of, too.

As just a thought, call the people who you want to buy from and ask them questions. If they are slow to respond, or will not respond, then go somewhere else. Don't buy from anyone who has no tech-support, or no support at all.

I hope this helps.


Im a big fan of the products and sevice of thatsdax, SickBikeParts and Jakes, Ive had great experiences with all three of these vendors and they talk to their customers also.

I know Ive see nothing but good about Pistonbikes on here also, I just haven't ever been able to justify the shipping they charge even for small parts, so Ive always looked elsewhere.

we have several great vendors on here.
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