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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Same thing here since it was slow at the shop today, I took the new jug I got off ebay and did some massive porting to it, knife edged the transfers at the bottom andnat the bottom of the transfer opening, cut out the casting ridge and did some simple aiming of the ports. The exhaust port is now a massive 28mm wide and I widened the intake by 2mm on each side then lowered the floor of the intake by 4mm. I'm not gonna mess with the exhaust roof until I can get a bottom end since I need the piston in place to set the timing and duration... I could do that by measuring how far down from the deck the port roofs are but if I need to shave any off the base or šant get a 40mm stroke bottom end or if anytghing else comes out different it would throw the timing off so I'll wait on that part.
Since I'm doing the exhaust a lot larger than my last one I'm going to have to make a short header adapter to connect the kx pipe to the cylinder by using a stock kx flange header.
On the intake side I'll be using the 18mm mikuni carb so this engine will be able to breathe a lot better than my current setup. I may go ahead and set this one up with a reed valve if budget allows but for now the plan is to stay piston port.
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