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Default Re: Shop Press idea's?

Ok... my terminology doesn't match aircraft spruce & specialty's site too well for knockout punches.. they call them panel punches...
You can get these in all kinds of sizes and shapes but it may take some searching... these will punch thru 1/8" thick aluminum pretty easy, just use a unibit and step drill a 5/8" hole then thread the bolt thru and it'll punch the hole.. You can also use these on the press by making yourself an alignment pin out of 5/8" rod stock or tubing and a smaller diameter rod in the middle so the hole can be drilled much smaller... or just make up a jig to keep the 2 halves aligned on the press, then it's no drilling needed...
i'd imagine these could punch thru 1/8" mild steel if lubed up and powered by a press...
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