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Default Re: Shop Press idea's?

You'll be plenty happy with the 12 ton press... that's the one I was going to get for the shop but the guy before me left his 20 ton setup behind for me to use, and that thing is crazy powerful....
today was kinda slow at the shop so I got to play with some of my new toys like the 12 ton pipe bender I got from Harbor Freight tuesday night... Just tried a few pieces of scrap thru it and it'll bend up to 90 degrees in a pertty tight radius without distorting the tubing. I bent one piece and it started to flatten but a quick trip to the press and I was able to push it back to almost completely round again so the pipe bender is a go for my future projects..
The band saw I hadn't really played with too much, just cut a piece of scrap aluminum and it cuts it like butter. I put a metal cutting blade on it but didn't want to risk dulling it trying to cut a piece of steel just yet... I'll wait til I have a spare blade on hand before I try cutting steel with it.

BTW... very cool looking bike
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