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Default Re: Shop Press idea's?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Nice looking bike..... I bet those ride like a dream with those big cushy tires.
Ya, running at about 25# for street riding but with the steel bands in the tires you can run around at 8#.

Pump 'em up to ~35# and she moves with those gears, otherwise it's a torque monster comfortable fun ride if you find everyone that see's it ask you questions comfortable hehehe, the customer does ;-}

I got the 12 Ton HF press for like $147 out the door with tax and coupon.
106# pounds in 3 boxes...
90#'s of it is the steel frame I'll get together tomorrow.

I haven't seen what Cole found for jigs yet but I know what I need.
2 different size slot jigs and a 35mm hole punch.

My pre-bend base channel metal are here now so it's time to put that puppy to work making me holes and slots before it ever even sees a bearing.

Another story for another topic.
Thanks for the press advice guys, this should do fine for my needs.
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