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Default Re: Who's Running the Super Rat?

the company you bought from in Canada is run by a total goof ass snake in the grass and if he thought he could get away with selling you an ice cream cone in January he would ... that top end kit you bought is for a GT5A ... normal everyday run of the mill 38mm stroke / 66cc Skyhawk motor.... the piston is proof as well .. bet it is 40mm ?? a Super Rat is larger ...the only thing he sells is the 66cc GT5 (and the 49cc)... I am about 99.9 % certain that he never even brought a Super Rat motor in .... I had talked too him last fall about them and he wasn't planning on bringing any in at all and was against the idea because he was over stocked with what he had already. His plan was ta sell what he had and quit the business.
I had ordered 8 kits and a little over $1000 in parts from him and received 3 kits and not even $400 in parts..the remainder back ordered... 2 1/2 months later when I called about it I was told that he no longer owned that 'cell' phone and that this person was sick and tired of getting his complaint calls !! Once I heard this I went back too emailing and still to this day have had no reply or product sent too me ... 10 1/2 months now !
So whether you got what you ordered or not is one thing ... but just be glad that you even got it would be what I would say !!
I have gained business from the Eastern provinces since last season and have heard all sorts of horror stories about him as well . So I guess there has been some good come from it although for a small outfit like mine the lost $$ did kick me in the a$$ a bit harder then I like !!
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