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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Map... those transfers are looking really nice... How much more do you plan on doing to this one?
I have to finish matching the ports perfectly to the transfer area in the case, then Im gonna get the exhaust port to a mirror finish after I widen it just a little bit more, Im not gonna remove anymore from the top of the exhaust port since its already a little higher than some of the other jugs I have, and the intake port is actually a little low than some of the other jugs I have, intake port is about where its gonna be I think, just nice and clean and jot to shiny for better atomization of the fuel before it goes into the crankcase.

Tranfers in jug are nice and high already so no ramping of the piston really, I may put a shallow slot angled back toward intake just to help direct charge away from exhaust as much as possible, Ill post some pix of how I plan to do it once I get it done, this will be experimental and will only be a slight modification just to see how it works, I dont need big sloping ramps just something to aid in directing charge toward intake without taking to much of my compressuon potential away.
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