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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I've tried the single ring and the end gaps are pretty wide on these as it is so getting decent compression was a problem, I did get it to work and it felt nice and strong but lost compression after just a few short rides. Now if you can find a different piston with narrower ringlands and a 1mm wide ring with enough metal on the ends to set your own gap it would work, but so far I've only found chrome rings in these sizes which would tear up the nikasil plating in the cylinder in short order...
Also cutting too much off the skirt can allow the piston to rock inside the bore excessively before the engine warms up and this piston slap can accelerate wear considerably... Keep a close eye on things while you're doing your testing. And finally... when you did your cutting on the piston make sure you leave a smooth radius on everything to prevent cracking, the piston also needs a certain amount of metal to support it's self or that "tooth" could crack off... Again, keep an eye on that as well.
If you got some pics of the piston and can take a little constructive critisism myself and a few others can tell you if it'll last or show you how to make the cuts so it won't self distruct.
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