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Default Re: Shop Press idea's?

I got a 20 ton HF press and the air powered 20 ton jack to run it and it does everything I need it to do and then some... I use mine mainly for pressing in and out hub bearings but I've also used it for bushings and a lot of other misc automotive and heavy duty truck suspension jobs, so far I hadn't found anything it can't press in or out... and it's strong enough to break a forged steel spindle... ask me how I found out... the hard way.

I also got a 12 ton tubing bender from there too, but I just bought that last night and only had time this morning to set it up, I'll play with it and some scrap steel before I try anything for real with it but it's very heavy duty built and should do just about any bicycle related task quickly and easily without kinking the pipe.

Other tools I got from them that work very well are the 3hp chop saws, these work best with the carbide 120 tooth blades when cutting metal instead of the typical 14" cutting wheels, the carbide cuts faster, smoother and cleaner... Safety glasses are mandatory using this one..., and I just picked up a tabletop band saw last night and installed the metal cutting band, I just tested it breifly with a piece of scrap aluminum and it cuts 1/4" 6061T6 like butter. Then I got one of those $99 wire feed welders, I got this originally to speed up tack welding automotive exhaust stsyems then the plan was to tack with ths then go back and Tig weld everything but the welder did such a good job tacking that I tried a complete weld which it did flawlessly so I built my whole system with it and saved a lot of time... just go to Home Depot and buy the Lincoln brand spools, the HF ones they sell as refills work good too, but not the little spool that comes with it.

Back to the press... I'm sure you'll do just fine with a 10 to press but the 20 ton press and air powered jack isn't that much more expensive so either one will work.
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