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Default Re: Shop Press idea's?

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
Thanks Map, it looks solid enough for my needs and pretty cheap.
HF has pipe bending jigs too?
That will be something I can use all the time given the right angles and pipe sizes.

Beats trying to use a drill press or vice for the job ;-}

Same for a good saw.
Cole brought his big Jepson chop saw with a new metal cutting blade over too.
That will make short work of making the new bases I think.
What I bought there for bending pipe isnt a jig but rather an entire pipe bending set up, it does good on thicker wall pipe but on thin wall stuff you have to be careful and I can get tight bends or the tubing will crinkle and get a flat spot on the bottom, if pipe was full of sand and capped on each end it would probably do a lot better for thinner tubing.
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