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Default Re: Who's Running the Super Rat?

Originally Posted by allen standley View Post
internal cdi is notorious for failing. Thanks Dave! considering a short stroke bottom purchase. Just that this Top end trim and finish looks so nice. For now back in the box.
Anyone else?
get a 38mm stroke lower from dax and you'll basically have a "Super Rat" main differences being the rat motor use 6203 main bearings and has the internal cdi that cant take the heat from the engine for long.

MZmiami has some pics of a bike with a genuine rat motor that has wide vent slots cut into mag cover and a small flywheel fan, may help add life to the cdi unit by allowing heat out instead on it being trapped under that cover.

But honestly Id just get a dax lower, build it up well and it will probably out perform the "Super Rat"

just my opinion, not claiming the gospel truth on any of this.
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