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Default newbie with engine questions 1st post

totally new here & trying to learn what to & what not to buy for a first bike build. I want to be motorized & have fun for some cummuting.

what are the differences in the kits? the china kits I see have several different bores & strokes? sizes up to 66cc, slant plugs, chrome aluminum & steel lined cylinders, 202 crankcase bearings? 203 crankcase bearings? all seem to have needle bearings on wristpins isnt that a bad thing? so which way do I go?

also noticed strokes on smaller egines had a bigger stroke than the larger cc engines which used shorter strokes which I see bores from 40mm, 43mm, to 47mm & strokes either 38mm or 40mm. if parts interchange would allow a few cc increase to swap a longer stroke crank & shim the cylinder.

so what makes or dealers inventory are the best durability wise? & does anyone carry bushed pistons or will that be a machine shop special per customers bike?

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