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Default Re: I'm finally gonna do it

only thing Ill say to sorta go against bluegoatwoods grain here is that I have bought several other kits and engines and hands down the engines you get from dax are better balanced and already have good quality fasteners installed, they have better quality bearings than some of the other engines and I never have dou ted for a moment that I would get a good engine the first time, other like Allen mentioned are more of a crap shoot, but I know Duane makes it a poi t to send out a good product and yes that adds value and peace of mind along with knowing if by chance there is an issue it will be handled respectfully and cfairly be Duane.

Yes being a good china girl mechanic is key to long term success, but initially it awfully nice to be confident that you're getting a good product right out of the box that will not need any mechicing other than proper installation.

No disrespect intended to bluegoatwoods here at all, just adding to the conversation with more of why I highly recommend thatsdax or Jakes as Allen has stated.

I haven't bought an engine from Jake so I cant testify to what he sells, but I have bought some other parts from him and had several email conversations with him and I think he's and upstanding fella and he has always done just what he said he would and even sent me a couple of free parts just being a nice guy so that says a lot to me about Jake.

Buy what you think is best for you, but I dont half heartedly recommend anyone and I full heartedlyrecommend dax engines because I run them and have found them to be the best balanced of all others I've had.
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