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Default Re: Aluminum Brazing

Interesting comments on a product thats been in wide spread use for at least 35 years under various trademarks. It works & Mr. B's "coupons" survived his hammer & vise test to prove it.
I've made my living for about 50 years welding & machining metal with stick, torch, mig & tig. That said earlier posts are on target about cleaning aluminum...with a stainless brush that is never used to clean other metals. Oxidation of aluminum occurs within seconds after cleaning so brush after any pauses during brazing process. Remember that aluminum oxide is used in a phenolic resin carrier for grinding and cutting the hardest of metals don't believe that you can create a strong bond unless it is continually removed during brazing. Prepping weldment with a light cleaner (alcohol) on a lint free cloth is also good. Even with a quality AC square wave TIG & adequate gas shield cleanliness can't be ignored. We rebuild aluminum rock trailers & purchase hundreds of pounds of aluminum filler a year and use a mild aluminum acid wash to prep for welding and 300amp spool guns to run it. 3/8" thick aluminum plate 40 feet long requires a lot of heat...propane torch & alumniweld won't work for big jobs but it dang sure will for bike size projects. Keep it clean, control your heat and let your work piece melt the rod. Then build something to amaze & inspire us all. Rick C.
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