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It's a rod braked gents Raleigh Sports from the 1950s. I used to own the ladies version until somebody made me an offer on it which was too good to refuse.
It should clean up very nicely and be a really good sound bike. Thanks to the Chinese all the rod brake parts are totally available and quite cheaply too. I prefer rod brakes as when they're properly set up they are a darn good brake.

The rear rim is the correct Westwood type and is most probably original. Somebody has fitted a later 1960s front wheel to it though which is the wrong rim type for rod brakes. The pedals are modern replacements too as the originals didn't have reflectors.
If that is a three speed hub on the rear wheel it should have a month/year stamping on it which should help to more accurately date the bike.
The mudguards are originals too which is good because those particular ones aren't easy to find.

Look after this bike and treat it nicely or I'll have to come over there and box your ears for you
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