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Default Re: I'm finally gonna do it

1) who's your favorite dealer and why

I will back up Map bikes opinions with my own. The home Depot type supplier of kits although cheaper (not by much) is completely hit or miss. I did the bkebrrys and kngs and the gsbkes with good success and BAD! and as Map said it all boiled down to customer service. I am buying bullet proof bottoms and engines off Duane @ thats dax. just purchased a new 66 from Jake at "JAKE'S" and that too -although not run yet looks Very Good nice n clean concerning the cast and cut. Point is I can call and talk to these guys. Always helpful and genuinely concerned about the quality of their products. I feel these guys have held these motors in their hands and say to themselves "This is gonna make somebody a nice running bike". Buy from good quality people willing to put you first. Not gonna get that from volume retailer. Others have purchased from single sellers to the left and right of our forum posts with happy reports. Do yourself a favor spend another 30 or 40 bucks if you can. Otherwise you will spend that same money in correction.
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