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Default Re: I'm finally gonna do it

Hear hear; Slogger!

Also, if you're ambitious, I recommend that you totally tear-down your engine and rebuild it. This'll give you valuable experience, and you can make sure it's reassembled properly yourself. You can also take the time to dremel your jug-ports and replace any iffy hardware. Some recommend replacing the crank bearings with higher quality SKFs; haven't had the need to do so myself yet, but when you have the engine in pieces, it makes replacement a breeze. I think the bearing that blows the most frequently is the gudgeon-pin's. I haven't had one go in ages, but when they do, the loose rollers that were once in the bearing will contaminate the crankcase, and will eventually damage your jug/rings when one makes its way into your combustion-chamber. And not to lay too much on ya too soon, but if you have the $ and time, replace the screws/bolts with their Allen equivalents; it makes it much easier to maintain in my opinion. One last thing: if you operate in a wet environment, make sure your magneto-case is good and waterproofed...ESPECIALLY the wire-hole. Consider PlastiDip for the coil too.
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