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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I had to do away with the changes I made over the winter since the bike hated every one of them. I had bought some opti 2 and mixed up a gallon of (recommended by someone) premium gas.
I also swapped out my magnet for a different one to see what difference it might make, and rejetted for the opti 2 at 100:1.
I guess the premium gas was old in the gas station's tank, or something, but the bike lost all its snap. I gave it 15 miles to settle in, but it only got worse. I ain't blaming the opti 2, but it also seemed to get hot pretty quick.
Then it started dying at idle, and I decided to undo all of it and get my good running bike back.
Took about an hour but I put the #66 jet back, drained the gas and the can, put the original magnet back on, mixed up some regular gas and valvoline oil and took it for a spin.
That was a close one. I also ordered one of those longer, black pipe exhaust systems (not expansion chamber, just a muffla) and will put it on after I do a minor change to the muffler.
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