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Default I'm finally gonna do it

After years of asking stupid questions on the forums, 2 attempts at friction drives and a whole lot of back and forth with the missus, I think I'm ready for a 2 stroke engine kit.
I've been futzing about with a moped all winter and have begun to understand 2 stroke engines more. First I was going to get a 4 stroke kit because I was afraid that I'd be lost with a 2 stroke but now I feel confident enough to be able to figure out what's wrong when something doesn't work as it should.
But first a few more questions
1) who's your favorite dealer and why
2) what parts should I toss immediately and replace with a higher quality item
3) if anyone in the St. Louis area is reading this, what is the attitude from the powers that be? According to MO law anything over 50cc is a motorcycle. Do the police bug you about it?

thanks and I'll keep you posted on the build.
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